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  How to reduce the noise of Shandong ventilation pipeline during installation?


  The helical duct will produce certain noise during its operation. If it is in residential and commercial areas, it will have a great impact on people's lives. So how do we reduce noise during construction?


  The operating noise of ventilation duct system usually comes from the following aspects:


  Vibration of air duct. Because the air duct information is galvanized sheet or metal material, steel plate thickness and construction technology should be strictly selected according to construction acceptance criteria, such as air duct manufacturing deviation, flatness, air duct reinforcement, support and hanger selection and manufacturing equipment, etc. At the construction stage, the outlet should not be close to the equipment as far as possible. Fans should be as long as possible before and after 5 meters. If the number of elbows can be added, the noise can also be reduced. The air outlet is equipped with a filter, and the noise control effect is also very good.


  The sound of the fan. How to deal with it We can usually install mufflers to deal with it.


  The clash of wind duct strokes. Usually in the design stage, we have to think about the problem of noise, design and control the wind speed in the pipe, and prevent the wind from screaming.

  通风管道在工作的时候,首次就是将外界的空气状态顺畅的送到室内中。此类当在一些日常生活或者定制场面中发生了 失火的情况下,人士通过此类零件不止肯定要确保楼道中的空气状态贯通,还有在一些具备浓烟或者一氧化碳的环境中,此类 零件还肯定要通过空气状态贯通来稀释这类有害有毒空气状态,不至于使被困人士被毒气所干扰,有好处人士在失火中逃生。

  When the ventilation duct works, it is the first time to smoothly send the outside air to the indoor. In the case of fire in some daily life or customized scenes, people must not only ensure the air condition in the corridor through such parts, but also in some environments with heavy smoke or carbon monoxide, such parts must also dilute such harmful and poisonous air state through the air state penetration, so as to prevent trapped people from being poisoned by the gas. Disturbance, good people escape in the fire.

  通风管道适应适合高峻层顶牢靠送风或设备供冷的部位,如机场大厅,室内运动场,旅店厨房等部位有导致比大,风速 衰减快的闪光点,在空调通风系统中可有用好大风量,大温差送风以减低消防安全通风管道数量,安置安装随地天棚或屋顶棚上 ,可较好用在米之内低环境,也通用种异常大面积送风,异常甚至于可达到米之上。

  Ventilation pipes are suitable for high-rise roofs where strong air supply or equipment can provide cooling, such as airport hall, indoor stadium, Hotel kitchen, etc. There are flash points which lead to large ratio and fast wind speed attenuation. In air conditioning ventilation system, large air temperature difference can be used to reduce the number of fire safety ventilation pipes. It is best to install ceiling or roof roof with floor space, which can be used in rice. Internal low environment, but also a general kind of abnormal large-area air supply, abnormal even up to meters.


  通风管道的首次组成适宜有是阀体、阀片、轴衬、薄型操控、格栅面板。而这边当中阀体和阀片是大家较需要 搞明白的紧要适宜:阀体是阀门中的一样首次零部件;依据负担级数有不一样的机械制造方法。阀片是通风管道运行时受 冲击力有效的适宜,所以在摆放中要相符底下的注释:阀片的摆放应该获得压缩机做出的的种种注释,阀片用料必须稹密品管,并且阀片和阀座相互之间的必须要确保闭塞良好,而且必须确保每天高兴的作用,以及板材的弹性和恢复性。

  The first composition of ventilation pipeline is suitable for valve body, valve sheet, shaft lining, thin control, grille panel. Valve body and disc are the most important and suitable parts we need to understand: valve body is the first part of the valve; according to the burden series, there are different mechanical manufacturing methods. Valve discs are suitable for ventilation pipelines to be impacted effectively when they are in operation, so they should be put in accordance with the following professional notes: the discs should be put in place to obtain various annotations made by the compressor, the materials used for the discs must be tightly managed, and the discs and seats must ensure good occlusion between each other, and must ensure the happy effect every day, as well as the elasticity and resilience of the plate. 。


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