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The first type: galvanized steel duct
The most popular ventilation pipe used in the market is made of galvanized steel sheet, which is suitable for the transportation of general air with little humidity, without heat preservation and noise elimination. It needs additional muffler, heavy weight, long production and installation cycle.
Inorganic glass fibre reinforced plastic air duct
Originated in the last century in 80s Chinese, using glass fiber reinforced magnesium oxychloride cement manufacture, burning a, corrosion resistance, high hardness but fragile, easy to influence by gravity deformation and fracture, without insulation and noise elimination function, need to install muffler, weight, installation of the production cycle is long.
Second types: glass magnesium duct
Originated from the beginning of this century, China made use of inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic wind pipe material composite PVC foam board sandwich method to make board, easy to transport and processing, lighter weight, outer layer inorganic plate can be non combustible grade A, inner insulation material flame retardant. The muffler needs to be installed with poor strength and large air leakage.

Composite glass fiber board air duct
Originated in the last century in the United States in 80s, by centrifugal glass fiber board as base material, apply glass cloth or aluminum foil covered with moisture-proof foil cloth (imported sheet coated with thermal black acrylic polymer, the outer layer is thin cloth / aluminum foil / kraft paper), fireproof adhesive composite after drying, after cutting, notching, bond reinforcement technology made according to the wind pipe section size, the size of the wind pressure and reinforced by appropriate measures. The fireproof performance is grade A, the insulation performance is good, the weight is light, the installation is simple, the noise elimination performance is superior, and the muffler is not needed. The disease cannot be used outdoors or in wet places.
Third: phenolic air duct
Originated from China in the beginning of this century, phenolic foam was used as the base material, and embossed aluminum coating was coated inside and outside. Excellent insulation performance, excellent fire resistance in the non flammable class a refractory B1 class, easy to install weight. It is necessary to install muffler, which is the long-term release of harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene.
Polyurethane air duct
Originated from Europe in the late 70s of the last century, polyurethane foam was used as the base material, and embossed aluminum coating was coated inside and outside. Excellent insulation performance, superior fire resistance, easy installation of weight. Need to install muffler, the disadvantage is that fire performance can only reach B1 level.
Fourth: fiber fabric air distributor (air distributor)
From Denmark in 1973, the first project in Copenhagen crown slaughterhouse, because of the characteristics of the air soft, easy cleaning, convenient installation, late 70s began to expand beyond the realm of the food industry, has become a model of ventilation system occupies a large share in the international market.
The air distributor has to face the wind, large volume, uniform air supply, no sense of hair, without insulation prevent condensation; easy cleaning and maintenance; beautiful high-grade, colorful; light weight to the metal duct 1%, the roof load can be ignored; the installation is simple, construction period is shortened to traditional duct 1/10 etc. the advantages, fire performance can reach grade A and B1. No muffler, air outlet, air valve, thermal insulation material and static pressure box are needed. The disadvantage is that it must be installed and can not be used in the solid ceiling.
In 2002, Nestle Shuangcheng project used air distributor for the first time, which has been highly concerned in the Chinese market. 2006 FAERY Fairui (Chinese) in Beijing, Zhongguancun invested Beijing fabricair Technology Co. Ltd., and become the preferred supplier to foreign China tobacco, Chinese weapons, COFCO, PetroChina, Huarun group, Beijing Automotive Group and other central enterprises Nestle, Carrefour, kraft, Jia Ji, BASF, BMW, xufuji, FAERY now has become a generation noun air distributor of premium products.


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